What Are the Benefits of a Stock Uniform Program?

A Stock Uniform Program is designed to alleviate & reduce stress for first responders and emergency crews by supplying and providing all of the goods requisitioned by your department. This can greatly reduce any hassle when it comes to replacing lost or broken gear. By utilizing a stock uniform program you have immediate access to all of your gear and equipment needs, which will always be in stock and on hand for when you need it most!

Equipment When You Need it Most

By joining a stock uniform program, you are not only simplifying the replacement process for your entire organization but for each individual team member. When you join a uniform program, the company that you partner with will take down your item list, order the products that they do not have on hand and will keep a supply of branded apparel in store for whenever a team member is in need of equipment or clothing. The benefit of always knowing your items will be in stock can take the stress out of having to replace a shirt, or boots, without having to wear worn down equipment for a long period of time.

Less Stress on Your Team & The Department

With everything in stock at the participating company, all your team needs to know is where to go. Since the department will have an account with the company, an employee does not even need to know the brand or style that your department uses. All they would need to do is walk in and request a new uniform, other than providing their specific sizes, and department, everything is already figured out for them. This removes any back and forth communication about equipment specs and other questions surrounding gear & apparel.


Stock Uniform Programs for Emergency Personnel

All Sports Heroes works with a large variety of clothing suppliers that provide everything from polos, outerwear, boots, and tactical equipment to support local first responder and emergency response agencies. Items not in inventory can be shipped from anywhere to fulfill all of your apparel & equipment needs. If you are interested in establishing a stock uniform program for your organization, please contact us for a free quote you can also contact us by email or calling today at (978)452-1976.