What Are Promotional Products Good For?

Whether you are aware of it or not, on a daily basis we interact with more branded & promotional products than we are consciously aware of. These items can range from anything as simple as a Pen with your logo on it, to something as extravagent as branded jersies for your team, the main goal of promotional products is simple,Brand Recognition.Before diving into what Promotional Products are good for, lets take a look at the definition:

Promotional products: Tangible items that are imprinted with an advertiser's name, logo or message designed to increase brand awareness among consumers.

Promo Products, What Are They Good For?... Absolutely Everything!

While the heading might be a bit cliche', promotional products are a great additional layer to help increase your brand exposure and consumer engagement.

Cost Effective Marketing

By utilizing promo products, you are giving your business an opportunity to make a continuous impression on a potential client. In the long run this simple act can lead to more potential conversions. For example: if your average product sales average $1,000 and a consumer converts because they held onto your pen fron that conference show, you esentially just turned a $999.91 profit, all from a pen! Now obviously not every business can be as fortunate as the example above, but for something that can cost so little, and have such a high return, it is hard to rationalize why branding won't benefit your business.

Brand Loyalty

Promotional Products are a great way to stay relevant in the consumers mind, all while helping to increase brand loyalty


Product giveaways are an exellent tactic to help promote curiosity and excitement around your brand. By actively promoting a giveaway (physically or online) you create a buzz around your business, when people engage and share. Creating unique gifts is a great way to stay ahead of the brand engagement game.

Practical Items

Following on Giveaways, another practical way to increase brand loyalty is to provide your customers with practical promo products that they will continue to use long after they interact with their brand. Some simple ideas are pens, notebooks, planners, and so forth. By proving a consumer with practical things they will use everyday, your brand will continue to impact that customer along their purchasing journey!

Popular Promotional Items

When it comes to promo products and corporate branding, your limitation is your imagination! Designers can take the time to determine which products you are intersted in, as well as what may be possible, or plausible. For some instant inspiration, view the most popular promotional items below!

  • Promotional Drinkware
  • Custom Tote Bags
  • Logo Writing Instruments
  • Health Promotional Items
  • Custom Calendars
  • Promotional USB & Power Banks


All Sports Heroes will help you to create the perfect collection of promotional products for any trade show, job fair, event or occasion that you plan to attend! For a complimentary consultation or more information on specific products, please contact us for a free quote you can also contact us by email or calling today at (978)452-1976.