How Can An Online Store Help My Charity?

It might sound counter-intuitive at first but having an online store can be one of the smartest things your nonprofit can do. The internet helps us connect with people in many ways; whether it’s growing our community brand, communicating directly with our consumers, looking for financial support or helping to grow our non-profit, the far reach of the internet can make each of these goals easier.

Selling Products and Accepting Donations

Using an online platform can be a great way to stay organized and to have more productive fundraisers. By utilizing an online store, you make it very easy for contributors to donate towards your cause. You can also sell products that reflect your brand directly or are the types of products your target demographic might be interested in.

For example, it might be odd for a nonprofit that does cancer research for dogs to sell just coffee mugs and picture frames online. However, the people who are interested probably love dogs - so maybe a decal for their car or a customized dog collar! You want to have a large variety of products to target the wide variety of peopled the people who are likely to be involved in your charities cause.

Get Your Story Out There and Have Digital PR

In order to be successful, people need to know why your organization is worth contributing to. Now that you have an online presence, this is a great place to tell your story. You can include things such as when and by whom you were founded, what your values are, projects you contribute to and more.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is your Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). By doing simple things such as including specific keywords in your website and store copywriting or creating great graphics, you can increase the visibility of your charity and generate more quality web traffic to your e-commerce store.

Another PR & SEO tactic you can employ is called link-building! Since your organization is a non-profit, it is much more likely that other big websites would be willing to link back to your website. This can be more difficult for commercial businesses due to potential competition. However, for a nonprofit you’re in a great position!

Increase Awareness About Your Cause

By having a positive online presence, in addition to having control over your digital PR, you can increase your visibility to the public. Many people are spending a lot of time online nowadays, which is why making sure your organization has an easy to find online location. It’s important to utilize services such as free Facebook groups and consider paid advertising - you might be surprised how much the right demographic will be willing to help!

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