Gearing Up For Winter Sports

Getting your winter gear each year is something that everyone does, but those who play winter sports need a few extra items. Getting the correct winter sporting gear will help keep you warm and safe while you play. Preventing injuries and maintaining a comfortable body temperature won’t just keep you out of the hospital, it’ll also allow you to stay out and play longer! Check out these lists of the winter gear you’ll need for a few common winter sports.


Skiing is something that’s loved by people of all ages and ability levels. Rather you’re taking the beginner hill or you’re a seasoned pro, here’s what you’ll need.

• Skis – skis typically include the actual skis, as well as the bindings and ski poles. If you plan to ski on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to purchase a set of skis that fit you and your needs perfectly. If you’re a casual skier just enjoying a weekend out, you should be able to rent a pair of skis from your resort or ski center.

• Helmet – a winter hat isn’t enough protection when you’re out on the slopes. Look for a skiing and snowboarding helmet that fits you well, without obstructing your vision. Helmets can be pricey, but it’ll last for multiple years to come.

• Boots – it’s best to buy your own ski boots rather than renting. This way you can find a pair that fits you just right and know you’ll be safe on the slopes.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a winter sport the whole family will love! It’s cheaper than skiing or snowboarding, but still packs in plenty of winter fun. For this winter sport you’ll just need a pair of ice skates and plenty of warm clothing. Your skates can be rented or bought as long as they fit you properly. Ice skate sizing is different from traditional shoes, so don’t be afraid to ask a professional for advice!


Snow Boarding

Snow boarding is a great winter sport for those that love skateboarding in the warmer weather. Prepare for your snowboarding by purchasing:

• Snowboard – of course you’ll need a snowboard! Snowboards come in different styles for different boarders depending on ability level and style of boarding. You can rent or buy your snow board.

• Boarding Boots – special winter boots are available that connect to the snowboard itself. These boots are ideal for both safety and the quality of your boarding.

• Helmet – if you have a skiing helmet, that will work just fine! If not, look for a snowboarding helmet that fits you well without being uncomfortable or obstructing your vision.

If you’re in need of winter sporting gear, or if you’re unsure exactly what you need, we can help! Gearing up for winter sports is something you should look forward to each year. Create a new yearly tradition by letting us help you choose the best gear on the market!


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