At All Sports Heros our onsite staff can provide alteration services while you wait when you purchase apparel.

Located at 18 First Street in Lowell, MA our skilled seamstresses and tailor will work with you and make you feel as good as you look.

Our team can provide the following services:

PANTS: Hems, braids, add pockets, hooks/eyes, leg tapers, alter waists, stitched creases

SHIRTS: Department patches (creation and application), flags, tapers, cut long sleeve into short sleeve, custom pocket flaps, custom epaulets, add Zipppers, hem bottom

DRESS BLOUSES: S;eeves, take in, customize to your departments specifications, sleeve braids, service bars, hash marks,

HATS: wire/lace strap, chage hat bands

JACKETS: Name tapes, embrodery, patches

ALSO: Zipper repair, shoulder boards, badge tabs, name tapes